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Radio Dhamaal is available to stream live, on demand on our website (this one) and on mobile. Click the "Listen Live" button at the top of any page to launch the live stream. Listen to all our programs via the program guide. We’re proud to be Manitoba’s longest running East Indian Community radio station, playing a vital role in local culture and media. We are proud of our strong community ties and our loyal listening audience, which has enabled us to present the best in Punjabi and Hindi music, as well as encouraging and fostering talented young performers. The station continues to upgrade and expand, with new presenters joining our team, the launch of additional programs and the installation of improved quality broadcast technology.

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Punjabi music - redio dhamaal

Punjabi Music

Hidi Music - radio Dhamaal

Hindi Music

Hidi Music - radio Dhamaal


Hidi Music - radio Dhamaal


Featured Programs!

Bollywood Songs By RJ Rahul Sharma

Monday | 8 Pm - 9 PM

Music With Talk Preetinder Singh

Tuesday | 8 PM - 9 PM

Talk Show With Rajmaan Singh

Wednesday | 8 PM - 9 PM

Talk Show With Focused Insurance

Thursday | 8 PM - 9 PM

Mandeep Brar Music Show

Friday | 1 PM - 3PM

Music Show With Live Call

Saturday | 2 PM - 5 PM

Sarb Saanji Gurbani

Monday | 5 AM - 5:30 AM

The House of Entertainment

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Punjabi Radio - Winnipeg

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